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Helps / Weshop's value added services

Weshop helps you to return an item to the merchant that you have purchased from.

You need to check the Merchant's return policies and obtain a 'return authorization' reference number and possibly also a returns label (typically for returns from your suite to the Merchant). We can then help to arrange return shipping of the item.

"Domestic returns" - “Domesitic returns” refers to returns from our hub – e.g., if we discover the item is damaged, or if it is something that can’t be shipped to your country (see Restricted items). We charge an administrative handling fee of US$7 (PHP 340) and an additional US$15 (PHP 720) if you are unable to provide a returns label.

For international returns - For those issues not covered in our inspection, you can negotiate with the seller for a solution by yourself or seek assistance from us to negotiate on your behalf. If you need to ship the items back for refund, replacement or repair, you can either ship back by yourself or through us. We charge an administrative handling fee of US$10 & a international shipping charge that varies depending on the country and the package size and weight:

All you need to do is:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to your order management -> choose the exact item that you want to return -> Choose action “Make a return request”, fill in the form with the delivery address that the return need to be sent to
  • Pay to the invoice of the return request.
  • Send the item back to our domestic warehouse.
  • If you wish to replace the item for another, you need to: 1. Return the product and pay for the returning request and 2. Place a new order with the Merchant.

Please note that:

  • We are not able to ship items that are restricted for import by US customs. We have the right to deny items that may potentially cause customs clearance problems.
  • Shipping charges, duty, tax and other charges will also apply to the shipment of the replacement items. Shipping charges on the initial shipment are not refundable.