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Helps / Value added services

Repack is a value added service provided by Weshop’s trained operations staffs

If the shipment is inadequately packed, we will automatically repack it for you for added protection and security. If you don't wish for your shipments to be repacked, you can set that preference in your account, but there is no insurance guarantee under that setting.

If your parcel include both small size items and big size items, we will repack small items into large size ones such as luggage, as long as there is room for storage to lower the shipping charges and make you save up to 30% on the chargeable weight.

Repack service will be provided if we are able to ensure that there will be a reduction of actual or dimension weight after repacking, and will not deteriorate the protection of the parcel. Parcels in a well-protected will not undergo repack service as they are arranged based on the sellers’ best knowledge to sustain shipping conditions, however, we shall not be held responsible for any damages due to their misjudge.

Please note that: Unlike Help-me-buy repacking, Help-me-ship repacking will not enhance the protection of your parcel during shipment, but only reduce the packaging to save international shipping fee. It means that for Help-me-buy repacking, we might add additional bubble wrap, padded paper... to protect package while we won’t do that for Help-me-ship, even though:

  • Help-me-ship orders are still under the free insurance guarantee of up to $100.
  • You could request for extra packing materials that cost $5.


  • We do not open any inner sealed or shrink-wrapped packaging.
  • We do not repack Merchants' specialized branded packaging such as “designer” boxes or wrapping for shoes, boots, clothing and fashion accessories.
  • If an item is gift-wrapped, we will not repack it.
  • We advise you not to order Fragile or Special Care items. However, if you need to ship Fragile or Special Care items, please ensure proper packaging by the Merchant. We do repack fragile or breakable items and label the package with fragile stickers as your request with some fee of charge, but there is no insurance guarantee for those items. 
  • If a delivery contains items that cannot be legally or safely shipped, it is not possible to separate those items from other acceptable items in the same shipment. As a reminder, if a package contains such items, it is your responsibility to arrange a return to the Merchant, or to provide an alternative domestic delivery address, or to give us instructions to dispose of them.
  • We are not able to reduce the size of shoe boxes due to the risk of damages that may be caused in transit