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Helps / Cross-border shopping cost & shipping duration

We will collect tax and duties and pay the custom authorities for you. You don't need to worry about anything. We believe it's more transparent and simpler for you this way.

In all circumstances, the member represents and certifies that any value provided to WeShop is true and accurate. We declare the value of the items with the price you provide with us and you are sole responsible for subsequent results caused by inaccurate declared value. For item, if it is a gift, kindly notice you also should declare it according to the identical market value. If an item is wrongly described or an inaccurate value is stated, customs authorities may impose penalties and, in serious cases, there might even be criminal proceedings. As the "Importer", you are responsible for complying with customs laws and regulations.


Tax is covered by shipping fee but there is an surcharge could be applied due to custom regulation. You have to complete all of the unpaid invoices to receive your packages. 


No Item Surcharge Unit
1 Smartphone 25$ pc
2 Iphone 5, 5s, 5c; Iphone 6 25$ pc
3 Iphone 6s, 6plus 35$ pc
4 Tablet, iPad 25$ pc
5 Laptop 25$ pc
6 Server 100$ pc
7 Bike 50$ pc
8 Professional camera 25$ pc
9 TV 15% product value
10 Electric item (oversize & heavy items) 25$ pc
11 Switch (for data center) 25$ pc